[Mailman-Users] feature request

Ricardo - Miss Janet. Fanclub ricardo at miss-janet.com
Mon Apr 5 14:02:16 CEST 1999


When i read about exim in the archive, i decided to check it out
myself... it looked very good so i decide to kick qmail out
the door :) The digest works like a charm now with exim.
but i do think it would be nice to have some sort of script
that validates all the permissions in the directories and that
can stell what you are doing wrong..

anyway one of the reasons i'm switching to mailman is that
i need the list to be moderated through the web... the way
it works now is that it puts all pending messages on the
same page. However, we are in Europe and since most of the mail
comes from people in the states, i suspect that the page
with all the pending messages is going  to be huge every morning.
So i think it would be nice to have only 1 messsage on the moderadte
page and you get to see the next one if you have accepted/rejected
the message... or maybe the possibility to set the maximum of
messages you see on one page...?  I checked the TODO list and
it doesnt seem to be on there yet...

ps: sorry for the typo's.. i'm using pine on a slow cable connection

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