[Mailman-Users] Monthly Password Reminders

Andrew Ernst ae at w3.ca
Mon Apr 5 16:32:58 CEST 1999


I am using 1.0b9 still, and before upgrading to b11, I just wanted to see 
if the following (what seems to be an error) has been fixed?

I have about 20 lists that I have moved to mailman, and the last one is 
setup for a "prefered domain" of striders.ns.ca.  Many of the other lists 
have different preferred domains.  However, when the cron job ran on Apr 1 
to send everyone's passwords, people on ALL the other lists received 
messages that told them their passwords at "striders.ns.ca".

As you can immagine, people never seeing this domain name before 
immediately thought they were being massmailed, and didn't bother even 
reading the message to figure it out.  Anyway, I was wondering if that was 
a bug, and if it has been fixed!

Happy Easter!

	-- Andrew --

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Halifax, Nova Scotia
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