[Mailman-Users] Hypermail integration

Rupa Schomaker (list) rupa-list at rupa.com
Wed Apr 7 20:17:04 CEST 1999

Sorry, I can't help.  But a question for the list.  It seems that
searching the pipermail archives is a feature that many of us would
like.  Are there plans for adding searching to pipermail?  

"Tzeng, Nigel" <NTzeng at cen.com> writes:

> We're testing mailman as our list software and so far we like it.  However,
> we'd like to be able to search our archives for info...something that
> Pipermail doesn't offer.
> I've finished compiling Hypermail and I'm wondering if anyone has any
> pointers in replacing pipermail with Hypermail.
> Thanks!
> Nigel Tzeng
> Century Computing 

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