[Mailman-Users] Config problems w/ apache 1.3.6 & mailman 1.0b11 on SGI

Nicholson James D James.Nicholson at amedd.army.mil
Sat Apr 10 05:42:40 CEST 1999

Symptom:  Can't access admin or listinfo for the lists.  Basically, the web
interface is broken.  Server replies 404.  This is a badly configured

1) I've got apache running nicely on all the public_html directories.  

2) I made all the modifications suggested in the INSTALL file.

3) I can see <machine name>/~mailman.  It brings up a broken index.html.
There was not default.gif in the apache distribution.  And the logo.gif was
a broken link.

4) None of the web interface works.

1) The recommendation for ScriptAlias modification made in the INSTALL
document is wrong.
    Change it to (including quotes):

	 ScriptAlias   /~mailman/  "$prefix/cgi-bin/"

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