[Mailman-Users] Using a CGI Script to subscribe people.

bahwi bahwi at technologist.com
Sun Apr 11 19:44:37 CEST 1999

I'm not a member of this list, please reply to me privately, thank you...
If this is the wrong list, accept my apology, and please tell me the
correct one.

I wish to know if it is possible, and how, to do this:

I have a CGI form, where people fill out some things, and the results are
sent to a file. We wish to add an option to this which says "Subscribe me
to the mailing list" and have a place for the address, and the
password/confirmation(since MailMan requires it). How can we take the
address from this file, or do something with this CGI script and
automatically subscribe the person. I just installed MailMan today, if
that will tell you my experience with it. Thank you.

bahwi at technologist.com

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