[Mailman-Users] Find out a list admin password ?

Andy Carpenter Andy.Carpenter at cs.man.ac.uk
Wed Apr 14 13:28:08 CEST 1999

>2. What is the published, documented way of finding out or resetting
>a list owner password ?  I can probably dig into python and get it out
>that way, but I would like a proper published interface ?

Anywhere that a password is required the site password can be
entered.  So providing that you have set it, go one of the
administative pages for you list can scroll to the bottom where the
list password can be chaned.  Enter the site password as the
old password and set a new one and then submit the page.

>3. What is the site admin password for ?  I deduce its existence from
>the presence of a program to set it ...

See above

>In general I have a feeling that I'm missing some of the
>documentation.  I can't find a general manual on www.list.org, and
>I would have expected to find information like the answers to the
>questions above in the manual.  So, what is the canonical starting
>point for mailman documentation ?

Mailman is undergoing development.  If you look on the TODO list,
you will see that writing improved documentation is there.  At the
moment use the FAQ.

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