[Mailman-Users] Re: Not to bug everyone, but... (A pair of tricks)

Omar Walid Llorente omar at dit.upm.es
Mon Apr 19 19:36:37 CEST 1999

freya at rfa.org wrote:
>I tried posting last week, but never got a reply. Can someone point out
>to me why i'm getting these errors on a RedHat linux box (v5.1)?
>I'm getting these errors in /var/log/cron from mailman. Can anyone tell
>me what this is all about, and how to fix it? I know that the cron
>daemon is being asked to run this via mailman, but is this just a
>permissions issue, or possibly a bad install? I'll also attach an
>emailed error that I used to get, but no longer get anymore for some
>mailman (04/15-11:12:00-5473) CMD (/usr/bin/python
>mailman (04/15-11:42:00-5481) CMD (/usr/bin/python


	Hello Adam, i have a trick for solving this. It's a permission problem 
in some mailman's subdirectories. These are the steps:

	(as root)
	1- cd ~mailman
	2- chown -R mailman.root lists locks logs
	3- chmod g+s lists locks logs

	This must solve your problem (i think :-)

NOTE: For "untruster" admins: mailman needs you to enable the cookies to 
	change the configuration of any list.

	Thanks to all for such a good pieze of software.


    Centro de Calculo
    Departamento Ingenieria Telematica (ETSIT)      e-mail: omar at dit.upm.es
    Universidad Politecnica de Madrid               Tel:(+34) 913367366-Ext.328
    Ciudad Universitaria, s/n 28040 Madrid (Spain)  Fax:(+34) 913367333

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