[Mailman-Users] Mailman digests

David Osborne David.Osborne at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Aug 13 19:02:12 CEST 1999

I've set up Mailman 1.0 (with Exim as MTA, on Solaris 2.5) and have been 
putting it through its paces with a view to replacing majordomo with it. It 
looks good so far!

Here's an item for the wishlist and a couple of questions...

A list I run under majordomo appears only as a digest and I moderate the posts 
to it; I can see how to replicate this in Mailman.
    However, one feature I use for my present digest doesn't seem to be 
available in Mailman: generating the digest based not on size but on the age of 
the oldest message waiting to go out. I currently use "digest_maxdays = 14" in 
majordomo so that, assuming messages are posted and approved, the digest should 
appear about every two weeks. Can this be added to Mailman?

A digest generated by Mailman doesn't seem to be "burstable" like a majordomo 
digest -- I use exmh (2.0.2) with MH (6.8.4) as my mailer and the "burst 
digest" option complains the message isn't in digest format. There are a couple 
of RFCs defining digest format (953, 1153) but I haven't checked to see which 
of Majordomo or Mailman is more correct. I think MH's "burst" is sensitive to 
the correct digest format but making Mailman digests burstable would be useful.

Are digests archived or archivable (as digests) anywhere in pipermail, or only 
the individual messages which make them up?

thanks in advance

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