[Mailman-Developers] Re: [Mailman-Users] Virtual Hosts -- can mailman handle them better?

Tomas Fasth tomas at euronetics.se
Thu Aug 19 16:29:47 CEST 1999

At my site, an installation-global (site-specific) user database will not
prove useful in most cases. Customers are typically administer their own
lists of recipients using a tool of their own choice, exporting email
addresses to mailman when needed. This is an interesting area in it self,
and an extension to the notion of user (or subscriber) databases. For
example providing "hooks" in Mailman for externally managed information
about subscribers.

Anyway, Mailman is already showing an impressive range of usefulness, and
better native support for virtual hosting would surely make it excel even

All in all, great stuff! Cheers, Tomas

Harald Meland wrote:

> [Tomas Fasth]
> > Tauren, Harald,
> >
> > I also have experienced problems with virtual hosting in
> > Mailman. That is, if you try to make it work within a single
> > installation. My solution was to install one instance of Mailman för
> > each virtual domain, each with it's own account (userid).
> Just a quick note: That would work OK for now, but wouldn't benefit as
> well as it could from the installation-global user database that's
> planned for next generation Mailman...
> Thanks for the tip anyway,
> --
> Harald
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