[Mailman-Developers] RE: [Mailman-Users] Virtual Hosts -- can mailman handle them better?

Harald Meland Harald.Meland at usit.uio.no
Tue Aug 17 19:03:43 CEST 1999

[Tauren Mills]

> I have set "Host name this list prefers" and it still returns emails
> with the main domain name in them.

Strange -- this certainly works fine for me, and I can't see any
site-global configuration settings that could somehow inhibit changes
done here.  You're sure that it isn't your MTA that's rewriting the
(header) addresses after Mailman has handed the message over to it?

> > However, if you have several lists with the same localpart name in
> > different domains (i.e. "foobar at dom1.com" and "foobar at dom2.org"),
> > you'll have to assign them different Mailman-internal names.
> What do you mean by "different Mailman-internal names"?

E.g. the list <mailman-users at python.org> has the Mailman-internal name
"mailman-users".  Thus, if the Mailman installation at python.org
housed another domain "example.com" that wanted a list
<mailman-users at example.com>, that list would have to use a different
Mailman-internal name, e.g. "mailman-users-example.com" -- which would
result in Mailman-generated messages looking rather messy, with email
addresses like

  mailman-users-example.com at example.com

all over them...

If the Mailman-internal name was equal to the (preferred) email
address of the list, there wouldn't be these kind of naming

> But the problem is that the emails that get sent from Mailman would still
> say "announce2 at customerdomain.com" all throughout them, instead of
> "announce at customerdomain.com".
> Would your suggested changes solve this problem?

That is the main motivation for me suggesting it, so yes, I do hope it
would :)

> Could the newlist command at least include options on the command
> line for the list's default URL and for the mail domain?

What do others think about this?  I'd really rather solve this once
and for all with my proposed email-addr-as-internal-name and
maildomain->base_URL scheme... but if no one but me think that that's
the way to go, I probably won't bother :)

Besides, I'm kind of swamped with real work right now :(

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