[Mailman-Users] Integrating external database of email addresses

Tom Bryan tbryan at server.python.net
Mon Aug 30 19:03:38 CEST 1999

On Mon, 30 Aug 1999, David Gilbert wrote:

> I would expect that this could be easily managed by slightly modifying 
> your database program to add and delete mailman list members by
> itself.  You'd need to write a script for this purpose... I don't know 
> mailman internals, but generically, if you can create a script that
> can "post" to a URL, you could create a script that could post updates 
> to mailman lists.

If you're doing it in Python, see FAQ #4.61 at
I have a web form that permits users to do a couple of different things at
once, one of which is subscribing to a Mailman list.  I just forwarded the
subscription info to the Mailman URL using the answer to that FAQ.

> Of course, if you got really fancy, you'd link into the mailman API
> directly.

I haven't delved into the Mailman code either, but I suspect that
subscribing users this way wouldn't be very difficult.  You'd just need to
find out what function Mailman's subscription form calls and pass it the
right information.


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