[Mailman-Users] GID problems (and yes, I ran with --with-mail-gid)

Harald Meland Harald.Meland at usit.uio.no
Mon Feb 8 17:58:40 CET 1999

[Scott A. McIntyre]

> Greetings,
> I seem to be running into something that must be even more obvious than
> running configure --with-mail-gid=X after doing a make clean (or even
> removing everything and re-untarring)...
> My logs say:
> Feb  8 08:49:02 3C:tardis Mailman mail-wrapper: Failure to exec script.
> WANTED gid 300, GOT gid 998.  (Reconfigure to take 998?)

The "WANTED" gid is the one that has been compiled into the script.
The "GOT"ten gid is the actual gid the wrapper is run as when
reporting the error.

So you either need to configure your MTA to deliver to the Mailman
aliases while running under the compiled-in "WANTED" gid, or recompile
Mailman to actually "WANT" the gid it is getting.

>From readin the rest of your mail, I think that you should solve this
by reconfiguring your MTA (as it appears you already have configured
Mailman correctly for your system).

> 998 is the GID of a "guest" group which as far as I can tell, isn't
> actually used for anything within mailman or sendmail.

What users have the "guest" group as their default group?  Are any of
these users involved in sendmail delivery, somehow (E.g., what user is
your sendmail daemon running as, and how is the "prog" mail delivery
agent configured in your sendmail.cf)?

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