[Mailman-Users] Sequence numbers

John M jwm at plain.co.nz
Thu Jan 7 01:16:37 CET 1999

I've just installed mailman 1.0.b6. No problems there. I started off
by making a test list and I'm in the process of poking about the admin 
interface when I notice that a lot of options want you to refer to
various details - the links just take you back to the admin page via
the password page. Are the details part of the documentation on the
TODO list, or is something genuinely wrong?

At any rate, the details that I'm interested in are:

Introductory description: what tags can I use? what other behaviour do 
I need to know about?

Poster or List: I assume that picking poster means that the list won't 
munge the reply to field (this is a good thing), but is it smart
enough to avoid sending you mail twice if you are on the list _and_ in 
the To:/CC:/BCC: fields?

Number of outgoing connections: I presume this means connections to
the SMTP server?


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