[Mailman-Users] Problem with 1.0b6

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us
Fri Jan 8 07:42:53 CET 1999

>>>>> "MK" == Mike Kennedy <mkennedy at cs.ucr.edu> writes:

    MK> When I try to access the cgi scripts to look up infomation on
    MK> the 'test' list it gives me an internal server error and I get
    MK> this in the error log of the server:

    MK> [Wed Jan 6 17:01:11 1999] access to /opt/mailman/cgi-bin/admin
    MK> failed for shoebox.ucr.edu, reason: Premature end of script
    MK> headers

    MK> Do the cgi-scripts need to be gid owned by the www server?
    MK> Help please...  thanks.

Here's the entry from the (new) FAQ file (the PROBLEMS file in your

Hope this helps,

-------------------- snip snip --------------------
1. If from the web you get "document contains no data"
   If mail isn't getting delivered
   If you see "Premature end of script headers"
   If you see "Mailman CGI error!!!"

      The most likely cause of this is that the GID that is compiled
      into the C wrappers does not match the GID that your Web server
      invokes CGI scripts with.  Note that a similar error could occur
      if your mail system invokes filter programs under a GID that
      does not match the one compiled into the C mail wrapper.

      To fix this you will need to re-configure Mailman using the
      --with-cgi-gid and --with-mail-gid options.  See INSTALL for

      These errors are logged to syslog and they do not show up in the
      Mailman log files.  Problems with the CGI wrapper do get
      reported in the Web browser though, and include the expected
      GID, so that should help a lot.

      You may want to have syslog running and configured to log the
      mail.error log class somewhere; on Solaris systems, the line

          mail.debug                /var/log/syslog

      causes the messages to go to them in /var/log/syslog, for
      example.  (The distributed syslog.conf forwards the message to
      the loghost, when present.  See the syslog man page for more

      If your system is set like this, and you get a failure trying to
      visit the mailman/listinfo web page, and it's due to a UID or
      GID mismatch, then you should get an entry at the end of
      /var/log/syslog identifying the expected and received values.

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