[Mailman-Users] Request: Unsubscribe options

Jonathan Bradshaw jonathan at NrgUp.Com
Tue Jan 12 02:38:44 CET 1999

Can unsubscribe options be allowed? I am wholehearted against making
unsubscribing from a list any harder for a user than absolutely required and
to make them know a password is a royal pain.

I've changed my copy of the code to relax this but what I would like to see is
an option to allow unsubscribes to be allowed UNLESS they try to unsubscribe
an address they are not sending mail from (they require the password for that
account) or send to the administrator for further action.

Yes, I know this can be forged but honestly... when was the last time you
heard of an attack where a user was UNsubscribed from hundreds of mailing

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              it wouldn't need an interpreter."  -- Nick Petreley

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