[Mailman-Users] Request: Unsubscribe options

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us
Tue Jan 12 21:15:22 CET 1999

>>>>> "JB" == Jonathan Bradshaw <jonathan at nrgup.com> writes:

    JB> Can unsubscribe options be allowed? I am wholehearted against
    JB> making unsubscribing from a list any harder for a user than
    JB> absolutely required and to make them know a password is a
    JB> royal pain.

    JB> I've changed my copy of the code to relax this but what I
    JB> would like to see is an option to allow unsubscribes to be
    JB> allowed UNLESS they try to unsubscribe an address they are not
    JB> sending mail from (they require the password for that account)
    JB> or send to the administrator for further action.

    JB> Yes, I know this can be forged but honestly... when was the
    JB> last time you heard of an attack where a user was UNsubscribed
    JB> from hundreds of mailing lists????

We've talked about a more general solution where many of the things
that currently require a password for Web interaction, could
optionally use an email confirmation step.  Do you think even this
would be too much of a burden for unsubscribing?


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