[Mailman-Users] Request: Unsubscribe options

Jonathan Bradshaw jonathan at NrgUp.Com
Tue Jan 12 21:58:42 CET 1999


  I am in complete agreement about the password required for all web based
activity and for needing confirmation on subscribing and I agree with
confirmation on other changes (as long as its as simple as hitting reply for
most normal mail clients) but people tend to get upset if they can't
unsubscribe from a list the first method that comes into their head and in the
days we live in with spam they tend to shoot first and ask questions later by
sending nasty messages to the list :-(

In my mind, sending a confirmation with "you have been unsubscribed, if this
was not want you wanted to do, simply hit reply" or something like that would
accomplish that.

Now, that being said, I restrict the subscriber list to the admin only so I
don't need to worry about some idiot grabbing the list and playing with it so
maybe I need less security.

Maybe "allow open unsubscribes" is what I'm looking for?

On Tue, Jan 12, 1999 at 03:15:22PM -0500, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
> >>>>> "JB" == Jonathan Bradshaw <jonathan at nrgup.com> writes:
>     JB> Can unsubscribe options be allowed? I am wholehearted against
>     JB> making unsubscribing from a list any harder for a user than
>     JB> absolutely required and to make them know a password is a
>     JB> royal pain.
>     JB> I've changed my copy of the code to relax this but what I
>     JB> would like to see is an option to allow unsubscribes to be
>     JB> allowed UNLESS they try to unsubscribe an address they are not
>     JB> sending mail from (they require the password for that account)
>     JB> or send to the administrator for further action.
>     JB> Yes, I know this can be forged but honestly... when was the
>     JB> last time you heard of an attack where a user was UNsubscribed
>     JB> from hundreds of mailing lists????
> We've talked about a more general solution where many of the things
> that currently require a password for Web interaction, could
> optionally use an email confirmation step.  Do you think even this
> would be too much of a burden for unsubscribing?
> -Barry

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