[Mailman-Users] HTML messages

Tomas Fasth tomas at euronetics.se
Mon Jan 25 10:48:37 CET 1999

"Barry A. Warsaw" wrote:

> >>>>> "TF" == Tomas Fasth <tomas at euronetics.se> writes:
>     TF> While I'm usually a follower of the above mentioned theory, I
>     TF> cannot avoid pointing out that HTML enhanced messaging is a
>     TF> minimum requirement in many places these days.
> Are you serious?!  A *requirement*?

I'm sorry, I hereby redraw that statement.
Somehow I mixed things up in my head.
A more correct assertion would be:

"MIME enhanced messaging is a requirement in many places these days"
Many places ==> Where the alphabet consists of non-ascii characters.

Which is a whole different issue. Beseides, Mailman message delivery
mechanism is fairly MIME transparent. The problem arises when you want
to localize the administrative web and mail interfaces. That can easily
turn into a can of worms.

> I suppose there are lots of shops where Netscape is foisted on people
> as their only choice, but still, if they want to communicate with the
> rest of the world, they better learn how to do it right or many people
> will just ignore them.

I can only agree with you. Never the less, the problem is mounting as
the installed base of Netscape Communicator, Outlook Express and alikes
increase and as they usually have text/html as the default setting.


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