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J C Lawrence claw at under.engr.sgi.com
Tue Jan 26 03:29:56 CET 1999

On Mon, 25 Jan 1999 10:48:37 +0100 
Tomas Fasth<tomas at euronetics.se> wrote:

> I'm sorry, I hereby redraw that statement.  Somehow I mixed things
> up in my head.  A more correct assertion would be:

> "MIME enhanced messaging is a requirement in many places these
> days" Many places ==> Where the alphabet consists of non-ascii
> characters.

Add places which do calender synchronisation via formatted email,
corporate computing standards which pay homage to MS (not an issue
here at SGI), and so forth.

> I can only agree with you. Never the less, the problem is mounting
> as the installed base of Netscape Communicator, Outlook Express
> and alikes increase and as they usually have text/html as the
> default setting.

My interest here (I haven't got to poking at mailman in these areas

  -- Rigorously correct MIME digest support (along with the ability
to nut support RFC 1503 digests and to force a bogus Reply-To on
digests to help force people to burst them before replying).

  -- MIME type stripping.  eg stripping vcards and other specific
MIME types on inbound mails and then checking the resulting message
for actual data content (MIME part with non-zero data content).  

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