[Mailman-Users] Getting Started

Jeff Schneiter jschneit at Adobe.COM
Sat Jul 10 00:27:03 CEST 1999

Hello and happy Friday,

Come Monday I will commence my first attempt at creating a
system using Mailman. It shall be a Sparc20 with Solaris 2.7
and lots of memory and 2 internal SCSI disks with swap on
both disks. We have another Sparc20 that will be handling
the archiving (including converting the flat ascii email to
html, searchable, links, etc...)

We currently have 1500 lists by way of Majordomo on a 
Sparc2, SunOS 4.1.4 - yikes is right. 

The new system I was going to build would just be a newer
version of Majordomo on a Sparc20 with OpenBSD, but have
since decided to look into other options...thus here i am.

I was hoping that someones could point out any sticky
situations that i might get into, coming from a majordomo
background, or to say that the install docs are wonderful
and i will have no problem - i've installed quite a few
GNU things in the past and really dig ./configure

The hard part is usually getting your user base to change
to something new :)

jeff at adobe.com

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