[Mailman-Users] Getting Started

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us
Sat Jul 10 01:50:03 CEST 1999

>>>>> "JS" == Jeff Schneiter <jschneit at Adobe.COM> writes:

    JS> Do you think that Solaris will be slim and fast enough
    JS> to work with this, or should I use the nice small OpenBSD?

We run all python.org mailing lists (and that's many high volume lists
like python-list at python.org <-> comp.lang.python) on a piddly little
Sparc5 running Solaris 2.6.  Okay, we jammed 256MB into it, and the
fastest-widest-scsi-est :) controller and disk we could get, but other
than that there's nothing special about the machine.  And with the
current CVS snapshot (or rc3 which /could/ be out tonight if I'm
lucky), performance is looking very good.


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