[Mailman-Users] Getting Started

Jeff Schneiter jschneit at Adobe.COM
Tue Jul 13 01:46:19 CEST 1999

Thanks for the replies!

I have since lucked out and have a Sparc20 with 2 cpu's and
192Meg of memory and 2 2G disks. So I will put Solaris 2.7 on
it then.

Religion time: I like it both ways - i like BSD and System V.
OpenBSD is so darn easy to configure, the /etc directory fits
on one screen and has nicely named files (mygate, myname,..)
and a 'ps auxwww' fits on one screen (24 rows). It doesn't
take up much disk space at all...i could go on and on.
System V has the cool init.d (or rc.d) files that make it
so easy to start and stop processes. Um, there must be more
than that...oh yeah, the biggie: it's kind of the standard
for the Unix IS here at Adobe. The more OS'es we have to
work with, the more we have to work :)

A real Mailman question: is it easy to restrict who can
send to a mailing list? That's one of the most important
features for us.


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