[Mailman-Users] Anyone on Antibiotic treatment for Mycoplasma in their white cells.

sonia lawson freyadjustd at bigpond.com
Wed Jul 14 09:20:25 CEST 1999

Hi!,  I have had C.F.S. for 17 years severely.  Last year test proved I have Mycoplasma bacteria/virus in my white cells.  I have been on Rulide for 6 months and am no better, but infact some symptons are worse.  I am having a 2 week break at present from Rulide and need to go on a different antibiotic as from next week.  My problem is I do not know which antibiotic to try next.  The type of Mycoplasma I have is Ureaplasma so it must be one that will be suited to attack it.  Is anyone out there on this treatment and could they tell me how they are going.  I have increased sweating day and night and increased joint and muscle pain.  I have been on morphine for the pain for the past 4 years.  I am under different specialist but do not have an appointment till next month and they have either been away or too busy to return calls to give me the needed advise.  My G.P. is still learning.           Hoping to hear soon,     Sonia.
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