[Mailman-Users] Admin Pages Problem

Michael W. Ryan mryan at netaxs.com
Fri Jul 16 03:14:15 CEST 1999

Please email me any response directly, as I'm not subscribed to the list.

I'm having a problem with Mailman 1.0rc3.  After a myriad of changes to
the server that my Mailman installation is running (mostly involving
Apache, ApacheSSL, and other related items), I am unable to make changes
in any of the admin or admindb pages, unless I am accessing the pages from
the same machine.  The pages, also, aren't using the password stored in
the cookie on my browser (yes, I've verified that cookies are on).  Even
after attempting to submit a change, I am prompted for the admin password.

When trying to attend to items in the admindb, the same occurs, but the
"Database Updated" message also appears at the top of the page.  Of
course, the database wasn't really updated.

The member pages still update just fine.  Changes made do occur.

The installation is running on a Linux (Redhat 5.1) system.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

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