[Mailman-Users] Admin Pages Problem

Ricardo Kustner ricardo at miss-janet.com
Fri Jul 16 07:33:10 CEST 1999


On 16-Jul-99 Michael W. Ryan wrote:
> the same machine.  The pages, also, aren't using the password stored in
> the cookie on my browser (yes, I've verified that cookies are on).  Even
> after attempting to submit a change, I am prompted for the admin password.
> When trying to attend to items in the admindb, the same occurs, but the
> "Database Updated" message also appears at the top of the page.  Of
> course, the database wasn't really updated.
> The installation is running on a Linux (Redhat 5.1) system.
> Anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

just a shot in the dark.... is the system time on the server still ok? thats the
only reason i can think of why it only works when accessing the pages from the
same computer... a wrong system time can mean that cookies expire immediately if
accessed from a different machine.



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