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Christopher Schulte christopher at schulte.org
Thu Jul 22 03:08:22 CEST 1999

At 06:17 PM 7/21/99 +0000, you wrote:
 >Below is what I got when I sent to my test list.
 >I am using sendmail 8.9.1 on freebsd 3.2 with mailman-1.0rc3.
 >Any suggestions?? I have looked through the email archive with no such
 >luck althought it has been a long day and I am tired.
 >   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
 >554 "|/home/mailman/mail/wrapper mailowner test"... unknown mailer error 2

This looks to me like you did not configure the wrapper with the correct 
mail gid.

 From the INSTALL:

Specify an alternative group for running scripts via the
mail wrapper.  <group-or-groups> can be a list of one or
more integer group ids or symbolic group names.  The first
value in the list that resolves to an existing group is
used.  By default, the value is the list `other daemon'.

This is highly system dependent and you must get this
right, because the group id is compiled into the mail
wrapper program for added security.  On systems using
sendmail, the sendmail.cf configuration file designates
the group id of sendmail processes using the "DefaultUser"
option.  (If commented out, it still may be indicating the

Take a look at the sendmail.cf and look for "DefaultUser" and compile 

If nothing is specified, you need to know how sendmail operates for the 
default.  I got this explanation from Darren Henderson  about 2 months ago:

"Sendmail's algorithm for picking the default user is to take the first
existing user of mailnull, sendmail, or daemon. If none of those are found
it defaults to 1:1. FreeBSD does have a daemon user (uid 1) and a deamon
group (gid 1), but for some reason its primary group is set to 31 instead
of 1 (so default user 1:31 was being used by sendmail). For some reason
that was a problem for mailman. So, I forced it to 1:1. And no, I haven't
noticed any difficulties because of this."

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