[Mailman-Users] users object to [listname] prefix

James Strickland james at perforce.com
Thu Jul 29 21:00:14 CEST 1999

On Thu, 29 Jul 1999, John Viega wrote:
> Most people will prefer it, since it will help them visually filter
> their mailbox more easily.  That was added after many real users asked
> for the feature.

I should send you the 14 messages totalling 42k of email which the use of
the prefix generated on the list! :-)  Many users seemed quite upset.  
Only a couple wanted the feature.  Remarkable...  I personally think it's

As a compromise I just set the prefix to be a 2 character string rather
than the 13 character list name.

Thanks for the feedback!  And thanks for Mailman - it's fantastic!

btw, is there anything that can be done about mailers sending bounce
messages which Mailman doesn't recognize?  Most bounces seem to be handled
automatically, but some aren't, and they seem to be all from MS Exchange
or Lotus Bloats.  Has anyone else seen this?  I can provide samples.

James Strickland
Perforce Software

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