[Mailman-Users] Message w/ attachment goes into archive but no mail sent

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us
Thu Jul 29 23:26:35 CEST 1999

>>>>> "CTG" == Christopher T Griffiths <cgriffiths at quansoo.com> writes:

    CTG> Has anyone had messages go into the archive but does not send
    CTG> any email?  The only messages so far have been one's with
    CTG> attachments.  All other work just fine.

I just tried to send my test list a couple of messages with
MIME attachments and had no problems.  First I sent a message
containing a GIF image.  Mailman properly held the message for admin
approval because the base64 encoding caused the message to exceed the
40k limit.  I approved the message and it got delivered just fine.

Then I sent myself a message containing a smaller (under the limit)
attachment, and this went through without being held for approval.

I think we're going to need help in debugging this particular
problem.  Take a look at the Mailman log files and see if they give
you a clue.  You should also look at your MTA's log files to see if
there's any clue there.


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