[Mailman-Users] run_queue just hangs...

Dave Cinege dcinege at psychosis.com
Tue Jun 1 05:28:47 CEST 1999

Dave Cinege wrote:

Now some of them are dying with:

Logging error: <StampedLogger to '/var/lib/mailman/logs/smtp-failures'>
Traceback (innermost last):
  File "/usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/Logging/Logger.py", line 55, in __get_f
IOError: (24, 'Too many open files')
Original log message:
(24, 'Too many open files')
May 31 23:12:14 1999 TrySMTPDelivery: To mike_stroven at effectnet.com:
May 31 23:12:14 1999 TrySMTPDelivery:    socket.error  / host not found
Traceback (innermost last):
  File "/usr/lib/mailman/cron/run_queue", line 31, in ?
  File "/usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/OutgoingQueue.py", line 120, in processQueue
IOError: (24, 'Too many open files')

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