[Mailman-Users] Text mode reporting tool, on number of users in a list

Rob Thomson robt at blueberry.co.uk
Tue Mar 2 13:44:48 CET 1999


I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this problem.

I have recently converted my companys mailing list server from
majordomo, to mailman.

So far I am really impressed wirh the software, it has proveded every
feature i have needed, bar one.

What i need, is some way to query the system, (from the console) to
report back the number of users in a list.  It is posible to retrieve
this info from the web page, however my supervisors would like the
feature whereby they are mailed on a weekly basis, the number of users
on each list that we run.

Under Majordomo, this was easy, consideringt hat the user lists were
just test files.  however with the new database format, I am stumped.

Does anyone out there know how I can get arround this.??

Rob Thomson

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