[Mailman-Users] Question on add_members routine

Harald Meland Harald.Meland at usit.uio.no
Thu Mar 4 22:16:40 CET 1999

[Nicholas Brenckle]

> For add_members tho it seems to only take a file as input.
> `add_memebers -n @add` won't work. Is there a newer version of
> add_members?

I've patched my copies of add_members and remove_members to allow "-"
as the filename, meaning "Read addresses from stdin".  For
add_members, only one of the digest and non-digest files can be stdin.

Not exactly what you're asking for, but I'll check my changes in

> Or is this just it and I need to start learning Python?  :)

Probably :)

It really isn't hard, and having the existing scripts to look at
should make it even easier.

> Once i get this all working, I'll post the script to the list.


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