[Mailman-Users] Debian package [was: Please help]

Douglas Bates bates at stat.wisc.edu
Mon Mar 8 17:27:01 CET 1999

>>>>> "Lala" == Lala  <lala at cite.bme.hu> writes:

  Lala> While trying to launch mailman, I encountered a problem I
  Lala> could not solve.  Please help if you can.

  Lala> I have Debian and have installed python (it was python-base
  Lala> that is included in the distribution).

There is already a Debian package of mailman.  If you install the
package it will take care of the dependencies for you.  As you can see
from the description below, there are several python packages that
need to be installed before mailman can function.

% dpkg --print-avail mailman
Package: mailman
Priority: optional
Section: mail
Installed-Size: 1074
Maintainer: Gergely Madarasz <gorgo at caesar.elte.hu>
Architecture: i386
Version: 1.0b9-1
Depends: libc6, python-base, python-misc, python-net, mail-transport-agent
Recommends: cron (>= 3.0pl1-42), base-passwd (>= 1.3.0)
Filename: dists/unstable/main/binary-i386/mail/mailman_1.0b9-1.deb
Size: 241000
MD5sum: 38983a7b2b3882b60d79a2a134ced052
Description: Powerful, web based list processor
 The GNU Mailing List Manager, which manages email discussion lists
 much like Majordomo and Smartmail. Unlike most similar products,
 Mailman gives each mailing list a web page, and allows users to
 subscribe, unsubscribe, etc. over the web.  Even the list manager can
 administer his or her list entirely from the web.
 Mailman also integrates most things people want to do with mailing
 lists, including archiving, mail <-> news gateways, and so on.  It
 has all of the features you expect from such a product, plus
 integrated support for the web (including web based archiving),
 automated bounce handling and integrated spam prevention.
 For more information see http://www.list.org/.

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