[Mailman-Users] Held for Implicit Destination

Clark Evans clark.evans at manhattanproject.com
Wed Mar 10 21:49:14 CET 1999

Clark Evans wrote:
> I'm starting to get quite a few of these
> and have no clue why.  It was working
> a few days ago...

Ok I have more information now.  I have a list that works
(test) and a list that dosen't work (CapeCodGroup), 
I'm subscribed to both and they both have the same 
administrative options:

When I send mail to the first list, it goes out to the
recipient list (me).  When I send mail to the second list,
it is held for Implicit Destination.  ?

The administrative password for these two lists is 'password'
in case someone wants to have a look.

What does mailman look at to determine the 'implicit destination' ?
Is it in the headers?



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