[Mailman-Users] mailman in an Intranet

Werner Frank wfrank at syskonnect.de
Thu Mar 11 15:42:04 CET 1999


I want to use mailman in an Intranet, a more trusted environment.  

Can I configure Web subscription, and Web subscription configuration 
to run without password authentication ?   Or with a Null password string ? 
The one who can access the Web interface is a trusted user per se. 

How can I distinguish Intranet users  (identifiable by their domains in the 
email address)  from extranet user. 
Or How can I exclude users from outside to subscribe  to  the 
configured mailinglists.  (some will lists should allow postings from anywhere
but subscriptions should be restricted to local email address 
(such without domain informantions or user from 'trusted' domains only) 
Is it possible to disable subscription via email interface. 

werner frank
wfrank at syskonnect.de

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