[Mailman-Users] Mass subscription of users -- random password?

Paul Barnett ptb at home.ptb.org
Tue Mar 16 19:29:59 CET 1999

I looked back through the archives, but haven't found anything about this:

I did an "mass subscribe" through the /admin/../members web page for a
single user (which happened to be me), and started wondering what my
password was.  Since I didn't specify sending the welcome message, I hadn't
received any sort of response.

So, I went through the web interface, and asked it to send me my password.
I got:


I don't know if this was random characters, or an intentionally generated
random password.  It did work (and allowed me to change it to something
else), but I was wondering if there was an algorithm to come up with a
random password... if so, I'd suggest a combination of lower case, upper
case, numbers, and MAYBE well known punctuation marks, but only if they not
the beginning or end characters.

That particular character between the "g" and "O" above is potentially very
confusing to a user that doesn't know there is a difference between ` and '

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