[Mailman-Users] Aliases not working

Joshua udall at brassica.agronomy.wisc.edu
Sun Mar 21 07:48:10 CET 1999

Mailmen -

I just upgraded to b9.  Running Sparc/Linux on a SS4 with RH 5.2.  
Got things working ok - almost.

I created a test list 'test3' and the admin, info work ok.  I can't tell if 
list_members does cause I haven't been able to subscribe to the 

these email addresses:

test3-request at brassica.agronomy.wisc.edu
test3 at brassica.agronomy.wisc.edu


From:  Mail Delivery Subsystem <Mailer-daemon at brassica.agronomy.wisc.edu>
Subject:        	Returned mail: User unknown

However, the confimation of request was formatted correctly:
From:           	test3-request at brassica.agronomy.wisc.edu
Date sent:      	Sat, 20 Mar 1999 00:26:21 -0600
Subject:        	Test3 -- confirmation of subscription -- request 357936
To:             	jaudall at students.wisc.edu
Send reply to:  	test3-request at brassica.agronomy.wisc.edu

I didn't think there needed to be 'hard' aliases for these addresses - 
Though I don't know how mailman does it - but, the method is not 

The aliases put into /etc/sendmail.cf work fine.  (i.e. mailman-
owner at brassica.agronomy.wisc.edu)

Any suggestions?  I could use some help.


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