[Mailman-Users] I seek engineering judgment.

Cameron Laird claird at Starbase.NeoSoft.COM
Fri Mar 26 03:07:22 CET 1999

	From bruce at perens.com  Thu Mar 25 19:53:41 1999
	Why not at the point of entry? Intercept mail to listname at hostname
	with an alias that pipes the mail to your program. Once you finish
	processing it, execute "~mailman/mail/wrapper post listname" to
	feed the posting to mailman.


I have several responses.  First, I suspect I wasn't clear in
what I wrote before.  Imagine I'm on a particular host.  So
far, I've set up mailing list
I want to intercept *all* the Mailman-mediated traffic, so I
understand your suggestion to be that I set up three aliases
that catch traffic to each of <subject[123]@myhost>.  Moreover,
I want to automate this, so when someone creates mailing lists
their traffic also is processed.  Automating all that through
creation of more aliases--well, that looks like more involve-
ment than I imagined.

More likely, I think, is that I instruct the MDA to do this.
Procmail rules, for example, are supple enough that I can imagine
managing them so as to take care of this.  Is that what you were
describing?  That's probably what I'll do, unless someone tells
me a good place to shim this into Mailman.

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