[Mailman-Users] "Admin only" archives?

Greg Connor gconnor at nekodojo.org
Mon Mar 29 01:09:28 CEST 1999

I would like to set up a couple lists to have archives, but only for the
administrator to view.  That is, I want the public "listinfo" pages NOT to
have a link to the archives, and the "private" script not to let people
in... but I'll set up another path to them within apache using an
".htaccess" protected directory.

The easiest way I can think of to do this is to disable the "private"
script (or rename it) but keep archiving on... but this would affect all my
lists, and I really only want "admin-private" archives on one or two lists.

Another way which would probably be more complicated is to turn off
Archives (in the Mailman interface) but adjust the aliases so copies of the
messages are sent to the arch program... this would be a little more
awkward because it also archives rejected messages, and I am not confident
enough with the new software to make this work quite yet.

Anyway, I will eventually figure out how to do this, but I wanted to ask in
case someone has already done this before, or in case there is some feature
or switch I am missing.  (There is an option for making the "subscriber
list" admin-private, but not for making archives admin-private).  If anyone
else is interested in the result, let me know and I'll copy you on anything
I find out...


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