[Mailman-Users] Mailman questions (moderation capabilities, mostly)

Greg Stein gstein at lyra.org
Wed Mar 31 01:07:22 CEST 1999

RDB wrote:
> Thank you so much for your helpful answers.  I have two short follow-up
> questions:
> At 02:29 PM 3/30/99 -0800, you wrote:
> >MailMan has a "preapproved" list, but you need to add names to it
> >manually.
> How could this be done?  Could it be done through e-mail messages sent by
> the moderators, or would they have to log into the server and edit the file
> with PICO?

The list is adjusted via the administrative web interface. You never
need people to log into your machine simply to admin a list.

The server admin needs to log in to create new lists and configure the
MTA, but once a list is built... it's all web.

This does imply that your moderators would have the ability to
reconfigure the list parameters, so there is a bit more consideration
than simply "are they prudent enough to moderate message content".
Usually not a problem, IMO, because if they are moderating, then they're
probably quite responabile and dedicated to a successful mailing list.

> Also, I have a question about how moderation is done via the web-based
> interface...  Specifically, can the web interface that the moderators use
> be shielded from the general public, so people who send messages to the
> list can't have their messages viewed by anyone looking at the moderator's
> page?

The moderators (list admins) require a special password to get to the
admin interface. So yes... it is shielded from the public.


Greg Stein, http://www.lyra.org/

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