[Mailman-Users] Multilingual support

Oliver Gassner fraktal at gmx.de
Wed May 19 12:36:33 CEST 1999

Your  (Adonis El Fakih <bareed at ayna.com>) mail on Tue, 18 May 1999
23:54:31 -0400:

>My name is Adonis.  I am new to Mailman, and wanted to know if Multilingual 
>support of lists is already incorporated.  I saw some posts about this in 
>the Archive, but I did not see anything in the documentation. I also wanted 
>help in configuring a read-only list.  I read through the distribution 
>documentation, and archive and found no reference to that option.

I asked something like that a week ago and tehre was no reply.

I would like to port Mailman to German. If this has already been done
I'd like a word with the person who did :).

I am not a tech-person; I 'just' wanna run a list. (I am running
severeal Mailman-Lists already, but at least opne ought to be in

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