[Mailman-Users] stalled / locks?... corrupted database :(

Ricardo Kustner ricardo at miss-janet.com
Sat May 22 00:41:44 CEST 1999

On 18-May-99 Ricardo Kustner wrote:
>> When I approve a post in the admindb interface (mailman rc1), the connection
>> "stalls" for several seconds after the new page has been brought up... the
>> weird thing is that the full html output has been displayed on the browser,
>> but apperantly, the http connection isn't closed immediately after this...
>> could this be a lock-file problem? 
> i reply to my own post... when i approve a post and do a ps -ax on the
> server, i can see python hanging around as a "zombie" process during the
> stall-time of a the approval submit...

i feel really stupid for being the only one to reply to my *own* posts... 
(i guess nobody is taking me seriously??... :) )
anyway it looks like my archive database has become corrupted since no posts
have been added since last sunday... which is quite possible since i had a
some trouble with the server last weekend (which is more due to lack of system
resources and my own fault sort of... my fastcgi scripts are not that reliable
(yet) and sometimes tend to crash the server, especially if mailman/exmin are
*very* busy with posting messages at the same time)
so my question is: how can i fix the archive database?
i guess i have to turn off archiving for now...


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