[Mailman-Users] listproc archive conversion

Todd Pfaff pfaff at edge.cis.mcmaster.ca
Fri Oct 8 22:57:18 CEST 1999

i have a bunch of digest archives from a listproc-6.0c server that i need
to convert to mailman archives.

the problem is that none of these archives are in unix mbox format.  that
is, there are no 'From ' separator lines (does this mean they are not
rfc822 compliant mailboxes?).  i think the only consistency about these
old archives is that each message begins with a 'Date:' header line.

i have used the mailman arch program to convert majordomo archives to
mailman so i'm familiar with arch.  should i be able to use arch to
convert listproc archives?

i could use the 'Date:' line to separate the messages but would i also
have to add some other header information in order to use arch?
if so, what header fields, specifically, would i have to add?

does anyone out there have any advice, tools, etc., for converting
archives or massaging mailbox files or digests to get them into a format
that arch will accept?

thanks for any help you can provide!

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