[Mailman-Users] password problems

Listwrangler listwrangler at iximd.com
Wed Oct 13 17:31:36 CEST 1999

I've been away for a while and not slogged through my Mailman email, so I
apologize if this topic has been covered.

This is my latest twist on the password difficulties: Some users are
receiving new passwords when they get their monthly reminders. I have had
one of my personal accounts with this problem, and one of my users has also
been bright enough to notice that what he got is not what he had chosen
when he signed up. I have several other users who aren't very savvy, all
they know is that their password doesn't work. This could be their problem.
(Yes, I have a lot  BDUs -- brain dead users.)

It's a rather elegant security tactic to randomly change passwords on a
monthly basis, but all the same, it's one of those things I would rather
have the option of choosing whether to implement. I'd also like the
opportunity to set the frequency of the password reminder sending, eg, I
have lists where once a quarter or even once a year would be good enough.
I'd also like to be able to force a password sending, if desired necessary.

In the good news, my ISP has finally reset the password so I can get into
the admin pages I've been locked out of for a month. Any luck on getting
the ability to email your administrative password to yourself?

Thanks for the help folks on the list have given me.


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