[Mailman-Users] A Short Introduction of myself and 1 question

Felipe Tonioli tonioli at easyline.com.br
Wed Oct 13 20:24:15 CEST 1999

Hi all, I'm a Brazilian, and I'm NOT a programmer, I'm a network
administrator, but I need a tool to run a maillist, and publish it in html
format, easy no ?
yeah, but the problem is that I need a tool that run under windows NT
plataform, it's not easy find it, so, I'm think about compile any maillist
server for linux to run under NT, not easy too.
Searching for this, I found Python, and mailman, the qustion is, there is
anyone that run this under windows ? what I need to compile this to run
under NT ? Now I'm downloading Win32 Module, I think that will be
necessary, anyone like to help me ?
I known that you are here not to teach, but I need help :) I have no Idea
to became a programmer :)

best regards
Felipe Tonioli

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