[Mailman-Users] A Short Introduction of myself and 1 question

S.Krishnamoorthy krishnamoorthy.s at timesgroup.com
Thu Oct 14 05:17:00 CEST 1999

Felipe Tonioli wrote:
> Hi all, I'm a Brazilian, and I'm NOT a programmer, I'm a network
> administrator, but I need a tool to run a maillist, and publish it in html
> format, easy no ?
> yeah, but the problem is that I need a tool that run under windows NT
> plataform, it's not easy find it, so, I'm think about compile any maillist
> server for linux to run under NT, not easy too.
> Searching for this, I found Python, and mailman, the qustion is, there is
> anyone that run this under windows ? what I need to compile this to run
> under NT ? Now I'm downloading Win32 Module, I think that will be
> necessary, anyone like to help me ?
> I known that you are here not to teach, but I need help :) I have no Idea
> to became a programmer :)
> best regards
> Felipe Tonioli
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hi felipe,

i believe you would have gone through the Mailman Home Page
... which says "Currently, Mailman does not run on
Windows";-). probably, you could try setting up one linux
box to be your mailing list server ....

however, i believe in experimentation and i would certainly
like to try compiling Mailman on an NT box and see what
happens, unfortunately though, i am in a total *nix

keep me update. in the meanwhile, i shall also hunt around
for a way of solving your problem.


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