[Mailman-Users] email interface

Mats Wichmann mats at laplaza.org
Thu Oct 21 20:22:00 CEST 1999

Hello, folks.  I've fiddled around with mailman some
in the past but I'm basically a newbie.  I've just
had some lists I run converted over by my ISP, who
made the switch from majordomo as part of a general
upgrade - there wasn't a choice involved here.

I've got some subscribers who are rabidly anti-web
(which, if anyone saw the quality of phone lines
in this rural area, they might understand better),
so I'm interested in more details of the email 
interface rather than the web interface which I'm
sure will be fine for the majority.

The two questions which I haven't found anything on:

can you access the archives to see which are available
and request one to be delivered entirely by email 
without involving a web browser (obviously the "list 
by thread" stuff is useless in an email interface so
I'm only curious about "index" and "get" sorts of


can arbitrary files be placed in the archive location
for fetching either by email request or by web

(the latter has sometimes proven useful when a group
is collaboratively developing a document and drafts
of said document are added to the "archive directory";
or where there's a position paper or group charter;
or a list of resources...anyway, said file can then
be fetched via email command.)

These two have been possible with majordomo....


Mats Wichmann

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