[Mailman-Users] Multiple recipients from one domain

Andrzej Eilmes eilmes at chemia.uj.edu.pl
Wed Oct 27 17:28:36 CEST 1999

Dear Mailman Users,

One of the nice features of Mailman I've noticed was that
it used to sort subscribers list, so that if there were
many subscribents from the same domain/host messages were
sent to them over the same connection (using multiple RCPT To:). 

Suddenly this behaviour has changed: now each message is being
sent separately. We didn't change anything in the mailman 
configuration, the only change to the mail system was changing
local delivery agent to procmail from mail (because DEC mail
does not support user quotas). May these two things be related?

Is there a way to tell Mailman to send mail to multiple recipients
over the same connection as it did before? 

   	Andrzej Eilmes

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