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Herman Knief hknief at auctionwatch.com
Tue Apr 4 18:34:11 CEST 2000

One problem that you may be running into is file descriptors.  If you're
running a stock RedHat kernel, you run out of fd's at some ridiculously low
number (I think 1024).  There are some published docs on increasing the
number of file descriptors and and the default number of open files allowed
per process, which is something that I have done on my systems. (I think the
basic changes are listed below) Also, going to postfix will dramatically
improve your load stats.  I run a list with 200k subscribers, and swa loads
of 30+ with sendmail... switching to postfix has allowed me to run quite
nicely, and I've not seen the load average go over 10.

 - Herman

Kernel Mods: (I've got mine set to 16k file descriptors)

-#define INR_OPEN 1024		/* Initial setting for nfile rlimits */
+#define INR_OPEN 16384		/* Initial setting for nfile rlimits */

-#define NR_FILE  4096	/* this can well be larger on a larger system */
+#define NR_FILE  16384	/* this can well be larger on a larger system */


-#define NR_OPEN		1024
+#define NR_OPEN		16384


-#define __FD_SETSIZE	1024
+#define __FD_SETSIZE	16384
Now recompile and drop it in.

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Just a question,  I am running mailman on a redhat 6.1 box with sendmail.
The distribution list which we post to has about 50,000 people on it and is
getting killed with our weekly mailings. I have heard that FREEBSD with
postfix is more efficient any suggestions?

Jerry Thomas

Jerry Thomas
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