[Mailman-Users] problems with lock files (anyone?)

Kambiz Aghaiepour kambiz at colltech.com
Wed Aug 16 20:38:33 CEST 2000

I have on occasion noticed a problem with the lock files in the ~mailman/locks
directory.  Although I have not looked into the python code, the one that
seems to be a problem is the qrunner lock file.  My guess is that (as qrunner
runs once every minute), qrunner checks for the existence of the lock file and
does nothing if the lock file is there (presumably to prevent many qrunners
from running simultaneously).

The problem I'm having and I've noticed a few times now, is that for some
reason, the qrunner process will die (or abnormally end? or something) and the
lock file will not get cleaned up.  Then the subsequent qrunner processes will
do nothing.  I've noticed this happening when a message is sent to a huge list
(e.g. 130,000+ members).

I should mention this is MM2.0b4, postfix MTA (pl8), RH6.2 Linux.  Has anyone
else seen this?  I'm almost tempted to comment out the cron job for qrunner
and launch a script out of inittab that does something like:


   while true ; do
       run qrunner
       check for the qrunner lock file (and process)
       as needed, cleanup the qrunner lock file

Any thoughts on the problem?  Anyone else seen this happening?  Any thoughts
on the workaround?


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