[Mailman-Users] Mystery HTML in subscribe results page

Austin Bingham abingham at lips.utexas.edu
Thu Aug 17 08:00:16 CEST 2000

I have noticed some odd behavior in the results page shown to people who
have just subscribed to my lists. It appears that something is inserting
"extra" HTML into the data sent to the subscriber's browser. If <regular
HTML data> is what I am expecting my page to contain, including <html> and
<body> tags, this is what gets returned to the browser:

	<regular HTML data>

As a result, the browser (so far IE, Netscape, and Opera) gets a little
confused and doesn't display things very well.

We have made extensive modifications to the HTML on this page, but it does
not seem to be related to anything in our code. I've run the experiment
where the HTML for the subscribe page is this:

	<h1><MM-List-Name> Subscription results</h1>

I get the same results that I get when there is all sorts of fancy stuff
around the mailman tags.

So, I am stuck with the possibility that something in mailman or my
webserver is tacking on this extra stuff. Does this sound familiar to
anyone? Does this sound like any bug you might have seen before? It would
even help me if someone authoratative told me that this is *not* a bug in
mailman :) Thanks in advance for any help.

Austin Bingham
Laboratory for Intelligent Processes and Systems
University of Texas at Austin
abingham at lips.utexas.edu

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